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Cloudy girl + Pizza goat
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  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: John Lennon - Imagine
  • Reading: Eleanor & Park
  • Watching: South Park
  • Playing: Worms Armageddon
  • Eating: M&M's
  • Drinking: Milk
I got tagged by :iconihopeyourlove18:

1. Name


2. Name Backwards

Arodasi.. .-.

3. Were you named after anyone?

Nope. ;-;

4. Does your name mean anything?

idk, I'm lazy to search the meaning xD

5. Nickname(s)

Isa, Isadora-Pandora ( my english teacher calls me that x'3 ), and Lotus.

6. Screen Name(s)

LotusTheKat. I invented this name because I loved Kid vs. Kat a few years ago, and also because of a car called Lotus Elise. :I

7. Date of Birth

November 8... ( I don't want to tell you the year :/ )

8. Place of Birth

...Brazil (?)

9. Sign

10. Religion


11. Height

I don't want to tell.

12. Weight

I won't tell, but just to you know, I'm thin.

13. Shoe Size


14. Hair Color

Dark brown

15. Eye Color

Dark brown too.

16. Favorite color

Oh... I really like black and blue.

17. What you look like?

... Like a girl? xD

18. Righty, Lefty, Ambidextrous


19. Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other


20. Best Friend(s)

I don't have any right now.. At least not in real life.

21. Best Friend you trust most

Hmm.. like I said, I don't have best friends.

22. Best Friends (same sex)

See question 21 :I

23. Best Friends (opposite sex)

See question 21.

24. Best Buds


25. Boyfriend/Girlfriend

I'm single

26. Crush

KYLE, RIGBY AND BENSON!!! <33333 ..... Okay, nope xD

27. Parents


28. Worst Enemies

A very annoying girl in my school...

29. Favorite Online Guys

Hmmmm... idk. Maybe :iconkillerofcookies: or :iconrigbypizzaking:

30. Favorite Online Girls

:iconihopeyourlove18: :iconfaster-frosty: :iconregularfan101: :iconbrookoroonie:

31. Funniest Friend


32. Craziest Friend


33. Advice Friend


34. Loudest Friend


35. Person you cry with

My mom (?)

36. Karaoke Friend

I don't sing with anyone.

37. Snapchat buddy

I don't have a Snapchat account, sorry.

38. Any Sisters?


39. Any Brothers?


40. Any Pets?

I used to own a dog... But now, I don't own any pets ;-;

41. A Disease


42. A Pager


43. A Personal Phone line


44. A Cell Phone

I won't say it :I

45. A Lava Lamp


46. A Pool or Hot Tub?


47. A Car

I don't drive or anything.. But I really like Mercedes. :3

Describe Your... 

48. Personality

Kind of.. "anti-social". I have anger issues ;-; ( I get mad at everything, even my own computer :/ ) I care a lot about Human Rights, I'm too sensitive ( I cried when I watched the South Park episode "Return of Chef"... ) and 

49. Driving

I'm not allowed to drive yet :/

50. Car or Car you want

Like I said, I really want a Mercedes.

51. Room

I won't tell it.

52. Mmh


53. School

I won't tell it

54. Bed

Not the biggest bed in the world... But I love it.

55. Relationship with your parent(s)

It's good, but sometimes we fight...

56. Believe in yourself

Not all the time..

57. Believe in love at first sight?

Not really, tbh.

58. Consider yourself a good listener


60. Get along with your parents

I usually do.

61. Save your e-mail conversations


62. Pray

I'm agnostic, so.. I don't pray.

63. Believe in reincarnation

Not sure about it...

64. Like to make fun of people

Only if those people are jerks. xD

65. Like to talk on the phone


66. Like to eat

YES ( except if it's french fries... I don't like it, sorry xD )

67. Like to drive

I don't even know how to drive .-.

68. Get motion sickness


69. Eat the stems of broccoli


70. Eat Chicken Fingers with a fork

I don't eat chicken, so...........

71. Dream in color


72. Type with your fingers at home row


73. Sleep with stuffed animal


74. Right next to you

Some M&M's xD

75. On the wall of your room

A painting...

76. On your mouse pad


77. Your dream car

A MERCEDES ( for the last time .-. )

78. Your dream date


79. Your Dream Honeymoon spot

Idk, I'm not sure if I want to marry someday :I

80. Your dream husband/wife

.... I don't want to think about marriage now, sorry. :/

81. Your bedtime

When I don't have school, I usually sleep at midnight.

82. Under your bed

.... Dust?

83. The single most important question


84. Your bad time of the day


85. Your worst fear(s)

Spiders, bees...

86. The weather like

I like sunny days, and warm temperature ( I HATE these days when it's REALLY hot or cold... )

87. The time

5:14 P.M

88. The date


89. The best trick you ever played on someone

I never tricked, I guess....

90. The weirdest food or drink you like


91. Favorite Theme song

I like the South Park theme song... and also the Powerpuff Girls one.

92. The hardest thing about growing up

Leaving your house, paying bills, getting a job...

93. Your funniest moment


94. Your scariest moment

When I saw the BIGGEST spider in the world.... ( not that big, but still ;-; )

95. The silliest thing you ever said

I don't remember :I

96. The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the someone


97. The scariest thing that's ever happened while with your friend

I don't remember now...

99. The best feeling in the world


100. Tag people

:iconregularfan101: :iconrigbypizzaking: :iconbrookoroonie: ( If you don't want to do this, I understand )


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Artist | Other
Hello there. My name is Isadora, but you can call me Lotus. I'm from Brazil, so yeah... My english isn't perfect ( sorry :'c ). I'm a big Regular Show fan, so I mostly draw its characters and shippings. I also really like South Park, Steven Universe, Samurai Jack, and other shows.
I hope you all like my art. :)



Paint Tool SAI by LumiResources Created with Bamboo Pen by bigfunkychiken
No fighting allowed by Metadream

Stamp: Charlie Hebdo by Walldryx

No, Really by Blood-B0xer Feminist... by MatthewThornton Stamp: ANTI Kyman by NickelParkLavigne I'm not out to please everyone. by LainaofthesandLOL Stamp_Misanthropy incomprehension by Chivi-chivik Stamp - Misanthropist by Wolfcurse Kyle Stamp by isnt-it-wonderful I Love Butters Stamp by PsyKatty Tangled is Underrated Stamp by Splashia (Request) Anti ElsaXHans Stamp by SoraJayhawk77 I don't have to like a ship just beacuse its gay. by Little-rolling-bean Please Credit Properly by taruto Misanthrope stamp by wyldraven Liking Yaoi =/= Supporting Gay Rights by AEQUORIN Tall Goth by FreakishZombie Token Stamp by ginacartoon Stamp - Not An Artist by stop-tracing Tracing Stamp by sd-stock My Art Isn't Your Stock Stamp by Smitkins Canon OTP stamp by mewmewmewichigo Kick the baby by black-cat16-stamps Shut up, Mimsyyyyy by LutraSun-shi The Interfering Issue by Madame-Kikue I Support SAI STAMP by KittyChan12 Tall+Henrietta by FreakishZombie Double D stamp by CosmoAlien The Goth Kids by FreakishZombie Videogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-Sweetie Nice and Mature are two different things. by RebiValeska A wake up call. by Rocky-Vermillion Okay. by Fluffydragonpuppy Stamp: Respect by Riza-Izumi Stamp - Anti-Pincest by Skarkat Who cares if it isn't canon? by MarioLuigi25 ANTI CRENNY STAMP. by flyingmisery anti akubloss stamp by teacupballerina RQ:Anti RalphxVanellope Stamp by LooneyArtist Dislike JB for a reason Stamp by ShadowXEyenoom South Park: Respect my authority by Hiddenryu Stamp: Depressed by Riza-Izumi TheMysteriousMrEnter Fan Stamp by VampireQueenEffeffia :thumb273054730: MATURITY FTW! Stamp 2 by AClockworkKitten Agnostic by capricordestin DA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompanther Anti-Style Stamp by InvaderDEN98 The KEWN Stamp by kappa-neko Coldplay Stamp by Nighty-Teh-Otter Coldplay Ghost Stories by dalmins Don't assume things by Galaxu BAW DISABLED BAW by EpicStamps This stamp is butthurt by HappyPenguin819 I support kyles jewfro by Numbuh-9 I listen to music while i draw by Tontora Ignoring Vs. Flaming Stamp by tiirikka I love Led Zeppelin by mep92 80s music by namy-d Jazz Stamp by Elbereth-Evenstar Rock ballads by Knight1313 Tomboy Stamp by Mintaka-TK Drugs are bad mkay - Stamp by EikoThePsycho Carry on Pukin' by ginacartoon Kenan and Kel stamp by FuryX-4 Pattric by Faster-Frosty kyle x wendy stamp by stefawii .:Stendy Stamp:. by ParadoxPandah Who is Mysterion Stamp by kappa-neko Nichole Fan Stamp by PinkiesPartyGirl Stamp - OPINIONS! 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